Hazy Coco

An incredible fusion of chocolate and hazelnut – better than any spread you’ve ever tried! PLUS it’s healthy with NO added sugar. It’s the perfect treat, hold the guilt! Superfoods upon superfoods, upon SUPERFOODS! That’s how we define this protein packed smoothies. It’s crafted with premium ingredients like chickpeas, hazelnuts, cacao, and cold brew! We snuck in quite a few veggies there for the picky eaters in your life! This one is a team fav for its anti-cancer and blood pressure regulating properties.

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving: Calories 452, Total Fat 10g (16%), Sat. Fat 1g (7%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Cholest. 0mg (0%), Sodium 61mg (3%), Total Carb. 42g (14%), Potassium 612mg (17%), Fiber 8g (32% DV), Sugars 18g, Vega Sport Protein 15g (31%), Vitamin A (1% DV), Vitamin C (10% DV), Calcium (21% DV), Iron (10% DV).
Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

How To Blend

Fill box
Step 1 Fill your smoothie cup all the way to the top with your favourite liquid
Blend box
Step 2 Toss all the good stuff into your blender and blend until smooth
Pour box
Step 3 Pour your delicious smoothie back into your ready-to-go cup, pop the lid back on and enjoy!


Overall Rating: 4.5/5
based on 4 reviews


Mallory M


February 10, 2019

Chocolate Cravings Cured!

Absolutely delicious. If you love anything chocolate, you will love this smoothie. It's filling and tastes exactly like a chocolate ice cream milkshake!

You don't even need to add anything, because its perfect on its own!


Anna R


February 1, 2019


Amazing love the dates in it


Alice C


January 24, 2019

Pretty Good!

All in all, this smoothie wasn't bad! Chocolatey, but not overly sweet at the same time.


Kristin P


January 4, 2019


This is a burst of goodness in your mouth!